Goldilox's Brother Is Not Dancing With That Dog - Wednesday Shuffle.

Goldilox - King's X.  I really do have more music than King's X.  Really.  This song is one of my absolute favorites from them.  Great guitar work, great emotion.  The solo is one of the best ever.  I dunno, it's just one of those songs that makes me feel.


Brother Woodrow / Closing Prayer - The Afghan Whigs.  If I didn't know better, I would assume that this is some specially produced mood music commissioned by Scorsese to punctuate a flashback scene.  It really is cinematic music.  No words here but there is more feeling on display than any Meatloaf song.  Screenplays and novels could be inspired by this.


Something I'm Not - Megadeth.  The System has failed is the best Megadeth album.  This song isn't the best on the album but best defines to mood and style of the album.  Fresh solo work, bass driven rhythm.  

When We Dance - Sting.  That damn Sting has regularly made me place inappropriate calls to people that women that have no interest in hearing from me.  He's worse than drinking and visiting Facebook.  I am holding steady tonight Sting.  Not gonna fall for your bullshit.


Wild Pack Of Family Dogs - Modest Mouse.  What is "family dogs"?   I don't like this song at all and hate that.  Oh Well.  Things don't always end well.  Goodbye cruel world.  For tonight.

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