Frozen Stars Now Need Grinding Down - Wednesday Shuffle

Burn It Down - Five Finger Death Punch.  RARRRRR! I AM ANGRY!  RARRRRRRRR!  Ugh, I'd love this 20 years ago. FFDP is all over the place, this song is really aggressive metal, other songs veer into prog territory and one or two are made for rock radio.  Pick a genre assholes.


Now - Days Of The New.  I think the lead singer of this group got all methy and quit making music.  It's very much a 90's kinda song.  He's probably better off as a drug addict than a desperate shill trying to remark his spot in the music industry with shabby, dated work.


Grind - Alice In Chains.  Digging this one today.  Most times its a take it or leave it kinda jam but I'm thoroughly enjoying it today.  It's just as dated as Now but in a good way.  The 90's did a couple of things right. 


Star - Bryan Adams.  I have no idea why this is on iTunes.  I like every Canadian I've ever met but I fantasize about knocking out a couple of Bryan's teeth when we cross paths.  You hear that you acne scarred douche nozzle?  Push it, Bryan, and I may resort to eye gouging and crotch punches.  


Frozen - Skid Row.  It's good for a demo.  Skid Row is a superb hard rock band.

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