Off on an excursion.  This'll be the las shuffle for a week or two.


Crucified - Sevendust.  One of the few bands from the late 90's that I will admit liking.  Been listening to 'em quite a bit over the last few weeks.


Wasting My Time - Jimmy Page.  I picked up a Geffen compilation earlier this week and this song was on it.  Unremarkable, standard.


Other Side - Pearl Jam.  A goody off of the Lost Dogs disc.  That Lost Dogs set is worth the purchase for any Pearl Jam fan.


Alone Again - Dokken.  Decent enough ballad but Dokken's bread and butter is rockin'.  The phrase "Rockin' with Dokken" didnt happen by chance.


Crew - A Tribe Called Quest.  I recently douched several sub par rap songs from the ipod.  There is nothing sub par about ATCQ.


There you are.  Decent collection of tunes. 

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