Excuse Me Jim, The Flying Ride Is Invisible! - Monday Shuffle.

Invisible Planet - Voivod.  The singer had a cold the day they recorded and couldn't afford a retake.  It was that or he's just a really shitty singer.  Either way, the nasally vocals only somewhat detracts from the their masturful metal domination.  Voivod would be much better with a different singer though.


Learn To Fly - Foo Fighters.  I wonder what the drug was in the video?  It looked like cocaine but I don't think that's the way people react to the stuff.  If made everybody silly.  Jables and Rage Kage are such lovable drug smugglers!  Anyway, this is one of those poppy Foo Fighters songs that is just okay.


Jim, I Wore A Tie Today - The Highwaymen.  I think the Highwaymen should be charged with manslaughter.  They ignored Jim's obvious life threatening illness.  Funny, I wore a tie today too but not because I neglected a friend in need.


Take A Ride - The Constellations.  They want to be TV On The Radio on this one.  The Constellations would be pretty good if they found their own sound and quit trying to emulate The Gorillaz or LCD Soundsystem or, in this case, TV On The Radio.  I do like this song though.  I just don't like hearing obvious influences.


Excuses - Minus The Bear.  Yes!  Haven't heard this in a while.  MTB is a good example of a newer band that has found their own style and sound.  Great musicianship here, I'd recommend this band to fans of Genesis or Rush.  It's proggy pop, lots of complex sounds and time signatures in an easy listening wrapper.

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