Don't Think About Grabbing The Sword Under The Light, Just Walk Away - Tuesday Shuffle

The Shuffle has the potential of being drastically altered.  South By Southwest has offered up a track from every band playing the 2013 festival by torrent and I have downloaded the entire file.  That's 1200 tracks of possible mind numbing douchery and hipsterism.  I'm committed to the format so we'll see how it goes.

Walk Away - Five Finger Death Punch.  Whew.  Glad that I wasn't hit with some third rate banjo and beard bullshit.  I dig FFDP.  This song is a bit light in the loafers for a metal act but that's okay.  I don't care too much about orientation.

Undegpump - Y Niwl.  Here's the first SXSW track.  It's straight up surf Dick Dale style surf music.  Completely unoriginal yet completely infectious.  Not a bad introduction.

By The Sword (feat. Andrew Stockdale) - Sash.  Slash isn't ripping shit up old school but I like Stockdale's voice.  Very Led Zep flavored with a perfectly adequate solo.

Until The Light Takes Us - The Cult.  The Cult's attempt at industrial.  It works.  I need to spend more time with this album.  Haven't been through it, top to bottom, since I saw them last summer.

I Don't Think So - Dinosaur Jr.  Really good early 60's style rocker.  It's not completely unexpected from DJ but lots of fun nonetheless.

One song from the SXSW and it wasn't terrible.  This might work out.

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