Diana Finally Admitted She's Sad Because Of Her Big Skull - Sunday Shuffle

Diana by Priscilla Ahn.  All over the place - marching band beats, xylophone, electric piano, Ross Geller on symth, and a cutesy female singer.  6.3 of 10.

The Big Three Killed My Baby by The White Stripes.  Gasoline is absolutely measured in metric in Canada and Europe.  Get your shit straight, Jack.  7.9 of 10.

Soft Spot In My Skull by Mutoid Man.  This band is comprised of Gen X'rs pretending to be Millennials as an ironic goof.  They're great.  8.2 of 10.

Sad Waters by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.  I almost always confuse Nick Cave songs as deep tracks from the The Doors.  7.9 of 10.

Finally Found A Home by Huey Lewis & The News.  Deaf singers from 80's bands should make you sad.  8.8 of 10.

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