Chained Surfer In The Dark Without Shelter - Wednesday Shuffle.

Breaking The Chains - Dokken.  Getting tired of Dokken, specifically this song.  Just can't see why I liked it so much in the first place.  The nostalgia factor doesn't cut it when it comes to Breaking The Chains.


Shot In The Dark - Ozzy Osbourne.  It's a damn shame that Jake E. Lee was replaced by that idiot Zakk.  Jake is the superior Ozzy guitarist.  Outside of Crazy Train, this is probably my favorite Ozzy song.  The nostalgia factor is working now.


Surfer - Smashing Pumpkins.  The worst track on Gish.  A harbinger of how bad Adore would be.


Shelter Me - Cinderella.  Never cared for this song.  Always though it sounded like a mongoloid marginal version of the Rolling Stones.


Thoughts Without Words - Shadows Fall.  This kind of metal has been done for nearly 30 years without much progression.  Stepping off of the beaten path would do Shadows Fall good. 

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