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The Defendant Forgot That A Rose Just Isn't Debonair - Monday Shuffle

Ghetto Defendant - The Clash.  You know what?  This song is terrible.  Yeah I said it.  The Clash isn't immune to criticism.  The monotone fella injecting a random comment is ridiculous.  The occasional frenzied drum beat has no purpose.  There might as well be a funky slap and pop bass solo to complete the ludicrousness of this song.

Don't Forget Me - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  RHCP gets to be tiresome but this song remains interesting.  It's slow but not a ballad.  Anthony…


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Misfits In The Crossfire Need A Chance At Love And Rest - Sunday Shuffle

Misfit Love - Queens Of The Stone Age.

One Chance - Modest Mouse.

It's Love - King's X.

Crossfire - Misfits.

Restin' Bones - Primus.

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Radio Is Dead, Consumers Want Flowery Untruths - Thursday Shuffle

Time Consumer - Coheed & Cambria.  I don't know what to think of this one.  It starts out too smooth.  Luckily it develops into a more aggressive kinda song, more C&C appropriate.  You can hear how much Claudio developed in later releases, especially Year Of The Black Rainbow.

Dead To Rights - The Twilight Singers.  Powder Burns was more than a little disappointing.  Thankfully Dulli cleaned up, quit smoking, lost some weight and got The Afghan Whigs back together.…


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I'm Sure That Stars Will Poison The Aged With Ulcers - Wednesday Shuffle

Stargasm - Mastodon.  8.0 out of 10.

I'm Alive - Helloween.  7.2 out of 10.

In The New Age - King's X.  8.0 out of 10.

Poison Arrow - Meat Puppets.  7.0 out of 10.

Ulcer Breakout - Butthole Surfers.  8.8 out of 10.

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Look For Songs And Gold To Redefine Love - Tuesday Shuffle

Seven Cities Of Gold - Rush.  Kickin' things of correctly with a six and a half minute Rush song!  This new album is beyond fantastic.  They sound energized, almost youthful.  It's ambitious and hard.  I'd never in a million years expect a bunch of dudes in their late fifties could produce such a great, vibrant album.  Great convergence of craft and art.

Look Out Below - Ratt.  It's one of the lesser songs on Infestation.  Don't know what it is, but I'm feeling a twinge of…


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Miranda Did Not Love The Song So It Was Burned By 34 Flames - Monday Shuffle

Canto 34 - Five Finger Death Punch.  Just read that a few dudes in this band played with WASP at one point.  You can kinda hear the influence in some of their songs.  This one, conversely, sounds like a Dokken/Metallica/Godsmack mash-up instrumental.  There are worse things to mash together.

Miranda That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore - The Mars Volta.  I smell pot.  I'm alone in the house and I don't smoke marijuana.  The nearest neighbor is several hundred feet away.  She's…


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Hyper-sonic Dragons Are Suckers For A Ceremony - Sunday Shuffle

Ceremony - The Cult.  The intro is unnecessary and too long.  After a minute the good stuff kicks in.  Definitely a Cult song.  A good The Cult song at that.

Hypersonic - Jane's Addiction.  Very close to capturing the spirit of Ritual.  The title of the song is a bit uninspired though.  Cheesydoodles.

Sucker - Peeping Tom Feat. Norah Jones.  How 'bout a hell yes?  Hell yes!  Norah curses up a blue streak.  It's sexy hearing filth from a normal, middle of the…


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The World Hopes To See The Sad Jerk Burn - Thursday Shuffle

Sad - Pearl Jam.  One of the better songs on Lost Dogs.  Decently flushed out yet experimental and raw. Quite the rocker.

Tearjerker - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Disgustingly terrible.  Vile.  Tearjerker?  More like rage maker.

Burn - W.A.S.P.  Damn right, this is more like it.  That last album, Babylon, is a supreme rocker.  This song will regale you with rollicking rock radness.  Alliteration!

World To Come - Gorjira.  Got nothing to say, man.…


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The Spanish Cigarettes Laced With Caffeine Are Not DOA Makers - Tuesday Shuffle

Caffeine - Faith No More.  Martin's guitar work definitely sounds dated on this track.  The band absolutely did the right thing in parting ways with him.  The progression of sound on the next two albums is immense.  That's not to say this isn't full on awesome, because it is.

Spanish Doors - The Gutter Twins.  This is my absolute favorite Gutter Twins song.  Well maybe.  We Have Met Before is up there too.  I kinda consider them to be the same song as they pair up…


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Where Pieces Of Naked Hearts Dwell After The Ricochet - Monday Shuffle

Naked Burn - Mastodon.  I'm at the point in my appreciation of Mastodon that I'd be excited to see them live.  Don't have all of the albums just yet but the two that I have are magnificent regulars in the lineup.  Spotify has filled the gaps too.  They're fast becoming one of my ATFs, still playing catch up to Coheed & Cambria though.

Piece Of Me - Skid Row.  I sincerely believe I could beat up Sebastian Bach.  Sure, he's tall and potentially super fast but he's also…


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New Souls Must Note That The Manic Train To The Afterlife Is Standing Room Only - Sunday Shuffle

New Fang - Them Crooked Vultures.

Suicide Note Pt. 1 - Pantera.

Manic Depression - King's X

The Train - King's X.

Tornado Of Souls - Megadeth

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When Running And Reaching For The Vessel, Don't Fall On Your Side - Thursday Shuffle

Empty Vessels Make The Loudest Sound - The Mars Volta.  The proggy alternative vibe is turned down a bit, still interesting though.  It almost has a mellowish Coheed & Cambria sound.  This last album of theirs, Noctourniquest, is full of surprises.  Might be my favorite from them.

By My Side - INXS.  Picked up this at the used place for a dollar.  Haven't listened to it yet and the only song I know on the disc is Suicide Blonde.  This song is kinda boring.  It needs some,…


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Turn Up The Lights, It's Too Dark To Study Astronomy - Wednesday Shuffle

Dark End Of The Street - The Afghan Whigs.  Good stuff.  Layed the foundation for Black Love with the instrumentation and tone.

True Love Way - King's Of Leon.  LOVE this song.  

Love Is Gonna Lift You Up - Bobby Womack.  Picked up this disc over the weekend.  Unexpectedly great.  Bobby singing over contemporary production.  It's super cool to see some of the older soul singers go the Johnny Cash route.

Astronomy - Metallica.  Never cared for the…


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Her Skin Had A Godly Sheen, Like An Alabama Rose Let Her Have It's Essence - Tuesday Shuffle

(Reprise) Sandblasted Skin - Pantera.  I feel cheated that there will never be another Pantera album.  This is aggression, hate and groove all rolled into a fantastic song.  Dimebag deserves every bit of praise he's ever gotten.

Alabama - Neil Young.  It's the song that gave life to Skynyrd's Sweet Home Alabama.  Thanks Neil!  Beyond that, it's a pretty damn good song on it's own.  Mr. Young is a craftsman.  

Bed Of Roses - The Statler Brothers.  There's just…


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Wanting Is Wasteful, Having Is Both Restful And Knowing - Monday Shuffle

Want - The Cure.  Wild Mood Swings is a great album, top to bottom.  If The Cure could ever be "heavy" this is it.  Thunderous bass, screeching guitars, drum fills... it has it all.  There's an almost cinematic feel here.  It should definitely be a part of the score to a gritty HBO style drama.

Restin' Bones - Primus.  It's one of those Primus songs you'd think is nothing but filler on first listen but it grows on you.  Listen intently with headphones and there are a few sonic…


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In The Future, The Hungry Will Converse About The Misery Of Running - Sunday Shuffle

Future World - Helloween.  This song is a second rate Iron Maiden rip off.  Helloween is capable of more.  

The Coversation - The Twilight Singers.  One of the better tracks on Powder Burns.  Even at that, it's not stellar.  I like the "three can keep a secret" line.

Misery Is The River Of The World - Tom Waits.  Jeez.  Tom Waits can be a downer.  A growling, angry downer.  I do like the song though, it's interesting.

Run-Around - Blues Traveler.…


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Let The Downed Tree Sprout One Young Sapling - Thursday Shuffle

Knock Me Down - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I found $20 in front of the counter at Musicland when buying this tape in 1989.  $20 was a godsend back then.  Been a mostly devoted RHCP fan since.  Finding another twenty when purchasing something Peppers related would cement my admiration.  I'd even quit talking shit about Anthony.

One Chance - Modest Mouse.  Good News For People Who Love Bad News is a top ten album of the 2000's.  Talented, violent, and weird musicians can do great…


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They'd Sooner Crawl Through Waves Of Hell Bound Monsters Than Lie - Wednesday Shuffle

Easier Lying - Duff McKagan's Loaded.  It's not as good as Slash's solo disc with all the guest singers but is easily the second best post GnR album by any of the original guys.  That includes Velvet Revolver.  Fine rock n' roll.

Waves - The Twilight Singers.  Damn.  I like this hard edged, quasi metal version of The Twilight Singers.  This album may have supplanted Blackberry Belle as my favorite.  There's an evil energy, tempting energy on this song that makes me pay…


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The Giving The Roadcrew Some Whiskey And A Bump Could Be Life Changing - Tuesday Shuffle

Givin' Yourself Away - Ratt.  Ratt isn't a ballad band.  While there's nothing terrible about this song, there isn't a whole lot good about it either.  The synth is unneeded and annoying.  Meh.  It's way too damn long too.  Five plus minutes?  

Whiskey Rock-A-Roller  - Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Needs some energy, hoss.  A Free Bird style kick ass solo would have livened things up.  It's essentially jam band nonsense.

That Was Just Your Life - Metallica.  Another kinda…


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Give Him Mercury And You Will Control The Walking Elk - Monday Shuffle

Take Control - Weezer.  There is very little difference between this and late 80's metal.  I dig it in a big way.

Elktooth - Wovenhand.  Wovenhand hasn't shown up in a while.  They should show up with more frequency in an ideal world.  This is more of the chanty weirdness they do well.  These songs all build nicely.  I may expand my collection of Wovenhand CDs.

Molochwalker - The Mars Volta.  This is more my speed when it comes to The Mars Volta.  A little…


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