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Hump Day Shuffle Grabbing Five

Tooth and Nail - Dokken. Don's voice is shot these days but George Lynch hasnt lost a fucking step. I've seen him three times in the last year or so, he knows how to play. Tooth and Nail is a pretty good introduction to the Dokken ignorant.


Been There All The Time - Dinosaur Jr. Fun song. Gotta get the new J. Mascis today.

Action Needs an Audience - Jimmy Eat World. Really digging the new, somewhat angry voice the singer is taking on. He seems to have lost…


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Today is the Tuesday. Shuffle on.

In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins.  If you don't like Phil Collins then I don't like you.  I can listen to this song every day and not tire of it.  In fact I probably have listened to it as many times as days I've been alive.


Forever - The Brand New Heavies.  Too much jazz, not enough funk.  


Come On - Stevie Ray Vaughn.  I was a Stevie denier for the longest time.  Never thought blues was all that difficult of an art form.  A cheap used CD and a couple of…


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Monday Shuffling of the Pod!

Of Mice and Men - Megadeth.  Ahh, the reflective Mustaine.  Plodding and kinda uninspired.  One of the lesser tracks on The System Has Failed.


Kitchenware and Candybars - Stone Temple Pilots.  Haven't heard this one in a while.  Not much to say.  It's okay.  The lounge singing at the end kinda sucks.


My Brother's Wife - Butthole Surfers.  Fantastic weird shit.  Lots or synth, great beat, over usage of stereo.  What's not to like?


I Against I -…


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Apocalypse Upon Us Shuffle

Damn.  Southeast Asia is in shambles and I'm heartbroken over my inability to help.  Gonna see if I can fix that when the shuffle is done.


I Just Want To Live - King's X.  Kinda fitting song for today's news.  Good song, just like most King's X songs.


Burn In Hell (Demo) - Twisted Sister.  Ah, a surprise!  I've never listened to this version before even though it's been on the iPod for a few months.  Good production really helped out the record version.  The…


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White Slavery Thursday Shuffle

Help Help - Pearl Jam.  Another of those so-so Pearl Jam songs.  It doesnt grab you the way it should even though all of the elements are there.  Oh well, they can't bat 1000.


Gamma Ray - Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros.  I'm late to recognize the pure genius that was Joe Strummer.  He was a pure musician, not beholden to any genre or style.  One of the few tolerable reggae influenced songs ever produced.


They Ride - The Twilight Singers.  Okay, I've…


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Wed Nes Day Shuff El.

Halfway Home - TV On the Radio.  Really dig the "wall of sound" on this one.  Can't wait for the new album even though the single floating around right now isnt their best work.


Rive of Rapture - Death Angel.  Terminally overlooked thrash band, better than Slayer on their best day.  I hate to say it but their lack of 80's domination probably has more to due with their ethnicity than their talent.  


I Want To Love You Tonight - Ratt.  My favorite 80's hair…


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The Post Gym Tuesday Shuffle

Rise - The Cult.  One of the best songs on the best Cult album, Beyond Good and Evil.  Every 80's rock band should have progressed and adapted their sound like The Cult.


Top Jimmy - Van Halen.  I owned the 1984 tape when it came out but just recently purchased a used CD copy.  Dave is more obnoxious than I remember.


Got Some - Pearl Jam.  Middle of the road.  I recognize it as a Pearl Jam but it's not a PEARL JAM song.


There's Not a Problem My…


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Back from a uneventful weekend: It's the Monday Five!

Honestly - King's X.  Could have been the lead ballad on Faith Hope Love.  It's earnest songwriting, a rarity.


You Lie and Your Breath Stank - Infectious Grooves.  It's got the good hard edged funkiness but the lyrics are juvenile.  Not for everybody.


Shedding Skin - Pantera.  Far Beyond Driven is superior to Cowboys.  Its angrier.  Wish this song came up at the gym earlier, I might not have half-assed it.  As an aside, I played nickel slots with Vinnie Paul a…


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Friday Pod Prodding!

Giving it a go on a rainy Friday.  At least it's not snow.


Kick the Chair - Megadeth.  After 25 yeas of fandom, I finally got to see Megadeth in concert this past October.  Loved every minute of it!  Kick the Chair is kind of a precursor to Head Crusher, they got it right the first time.


She's Got a Way - Billy Joel.  Not feeling it right now Billy.  It's unfortunate this one comes right after Megadeth.  Next.


Deep Kick - Red Hot Chili Peppers.…


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Thursday 5pod for yo asses!

And away we go!


Look Out Below - Ratt.  Off of the newest Ratt album Infestation.  One of the weaker tracks on a stellar album.  Still damn good though.


Song For The Deaf - Queens of the Stone Age.  Lanegan should have taken the lead vocals on this burner.


And Me - Beastie Boys.  Meh, 90's silliness.  Just a bunch of noise with no real direction.  The Beastie's failed shot at a Beck song.


Lonely With a Broken Heart - Chris…


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iPod Five - The beginning!

Hello world!  A much beloved pass time on my old website,, has dried up so I figured a site completely devoted to that would be fun and maybe reignite my musical passion.


Anyway, just post the first five songs that come up on shuffle and give a small blurb on why you like it or hate it.  


Death Comes Calling - Everlast.  Braggadocios rap by a white guy.  It was fun when it came out.  Now…


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