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Heaven Is Love, Devoid Of Delinquents And Pea Brains - Thursday Shuffle

Heaven Is A Ghost Town - Minus The Bear.  Minus The Bear stole this concept from Baby Cakes.  This is the worst song on the disc too.  They could have honored Sir Cakes with something better.

Pea - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  One Hot Minute is one hot pile of shit.

Tristessa - Smashing Pumpkins.  This is exactly what a Smashing Pumpkins song should sound like.

Love - The Twilight Singers.  I love this song.  It's pretty much…


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Conspirators Numbly Control Behavior With Wheels And Balls - Tuesday Shuffle

God Send Conspirator - Coheed & Cambria.  8.6 of 10.

Get The Wheel - Greg Dulli.  7.5 of 10.

Human Behavior - King's X.  8.4 of 10.

8 Ball - NWA.  9.0 of 10.

Numb - The Cure.  9.0 of 10.

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The King's Hands Are Best Used As Anchors - Monday Shuffle

The Hands - Queensryche.  Boooooooo.  Geoff Tate is a no-good jackass and he stinks.  The rest of the band are equally stinky and culpable for this turd.

The Man Who Would Be King - Iron Maiden.  Way too long for what sounds like a Seventh Son reject.  Boring.

She's An Anchor - Duff McKagan's Loaded.  Duff is a terrible singer but he can craft a tune.  So far, it's the best song on tonight's shuffle.

Best Of Me - Ratt.  That Infestation album is…


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The Allies Become Angry Gangsters When Discussing The Sky Ladder - Sunday Shuffle

Light Up The Sky - Van Halen.  8.9 of 10.

Gangsta Gangsta - NWA.  9.0 of 10.

The Ladder Is Ours - The Joy Formidable.  9.0 of 10.

St. Anger - Metallica.  8.0 of 10.  I like it.  So what?

Allies - Mutemath.  8.3 of 10.

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Seeing Mary In The Moonlight, The Dogs Are On The Brink Of Savagery - Thursday Shuffle

In The Moonlight - Pearl Jam.  Slightly more better a throw away song.  Still deserves its spot on the Lost Dogs album.  7.6 of 10.

Wild Packs Of Family Dogs - Modest Mouse.  I recently decided to start collecting concert posters based entirely off of seeing a Modest Mouse poster on Amazon.  I really enjoy Modest Mouse.  8.0 of 10.

Long As I Can See The Light - Creedence Clearwater Revival.  There's a spooky specter around all CCR songs.  This is especially…


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The Butcher's Collision With The Victim Was Smooth - Wednesday Shuffle

Key Entity Extraction III: Vic The Butcher - Coheed & Cambria.  8.8 of 10.

Smooth Up In Ya - Bulletboys.  8.0 of 10.

Western Shore - Ryan Bingham.  8.3 of 10.

Victim Of A Foolish Heart - Joss Stone.  5.0 of 10.

Collision - Faith No More.  9.1 of 10.

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Back In 1979, The Hunter And I Were Deep In The Wilds Of Los Angeles - Tuesday Shuffle

1979 - Smashing Pumpkins.  Great song but 1989 is where the really good times happened.  Ah, nostalgia.  9.0 of 10.

The Hunter - Dokken.  Probably the most overrated Dokken song.  It's flat, the chorus is stupid and George gets too little shred time.  Albeit brief, the solo is wonderful.  6.8 of 10.

Too Deep - J. Mascis.  One of the better songs on J's solo disc.  It's a classy, simple song.  7.8 of 10.

Saints Of Los Angeles - Motley Crue.  Nobody…


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Thanks For The Epic Time At The Bar, I Love That Ballad - Monday Shuffle

Thanks Bill - El Ten Eleven.  Fantastically talented duo that plays a weird combination of melodic progressive rock and electronic kinda jazz run through a crazy looper.  The one dude plays a guitar/bass combo.  The other plays a conventional drum set augmented with 1988 Def Leppard style contraptions.  The weirdest part is that the guitar/bass guy looks like my real estate agent and drummer resembles Taco from The League.  Great song!

Used To Love Her - Guns N' Roses.  It's a…


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The Truth Is So Easy When The Lies Are Locked Away - Sunday Shuffle

So Tight - Greg Dulli.  8.6 of 10.

Truth Be Told - Megadeth.  7.4 of 10.

What The Blod Clot - Method Man.  7.9 of 10.

Easier Lying - Duff McKagan's Loaded.  8.0 of 10.

Zip-Lock - Lit.  8.6 of 10.

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Find A Special Little Something Or We'll Drown Before Long - Tuesday Shuffle

We Have Met Before - The Gutter Twins.  9.8 of 10.  One of the premier songs of ever.

Drown - Smashing Pumpkins.  8.2 of 10.

Been A Long Time (Waiting On Love) - The Black Crowes.  8.5 of 10.

Little Ways - Dwight Yoakum.  8.4 of 10.

Saturday Night Special - Lynyrd Skynyrd.  8.6 of 10.

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Alright...Your Leg Bone Will Break When Rolling Around Like That - Monday Shuffle

Jake Leg - Baroness.  Stumbled on this band several months ago, very happy that I did.  They're a QOTSA meets King's X meets Sabbath progressive kind of outfit.  My outfit is a Brooklyn hipster special.  Rockin' the corduroys with a cumberbun and I'm carrying a glockenspiel.

Rollin' And Tumblin' - Eric Clapton.  I despise this.  Bluesy Eric Clapton is twat.

Take My Bones Away - Baroness.  Different album from above, equally good.  Hold on, this is MUCH better…


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Sometimes, Roscoe Will Play An Overture With Damaged Jars - Sunday Shuffle

Ol' Rosco - Les Claypool.  9.0 of 10.

2112 Overture - Rush.  9.0 of 10.

Fly Trapped In A Jar - Modest Mouse.  9.0 of 10.

Sometime - King's X.  9.0 of 10.

The Needle And The Damage Done - Neil Young.  9.0 of 10.

Highly successful Shuffle.

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